Welcome to Guidance!

 Meet Ms. Stavrou, the new School Counselor!

As the School Counselor, I am committed to supporting each student reach his/her full potential.  I will be working with students to address academic, personal, social, and career development by meeting with them individually and in groups.  I will be assisting students with acquiring competencies to become life-long learners and success in a changing world.  I believe that working closely with families, teachers, and the school community is invaluable to creating a caring, supportive environment for all students.


  • HIGH SCHOOL Information Meeting for 7th grade students/families!


    Guidance Counseling

Creating a Safe and Caring Place

Are you Ready for High School?

8th Grade students:

  • All 8th graders are either applying to Charter High Schools or finalizing their decisions on high schools!  
  • 8th grade students should check to see if the high school of their choice is offering any Open House/Orientation meetings!

Schedule and Upcoming deadlines:

HIGH SCHOOL Information meeting for 6th/7th grade students and families - COMING SOON!

Friend issues? Study skills?

Every student sometimes runs into problems that may be too hard to handle alone.  

Sometimes students just need to talk and "get things out."  This is when you can turn to your school counselor.  Your school counselor is a caring advocate who can listen and help.  Your counselor can teach students about self-esteem, social skills, friendship skills, and about bullying behaviors.  Your counselor is also there to help students with the practical details of school life:  time management, organization, and study skills.  Students and parents are welcome to meet with the school counselor!

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